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This app Run the Online gems generator

You can save as many as you like, and with as small of variations as you like in an attempt to find that perfect army for an upcoming clan war! We will also soon have a share feature allowing you to share your army and view armies from hundreds of thousands of Clash Toolkit users.

If you keep the Clan Castle inside your base, the enemy will have to take damage from both your Clan Castle units as well as your defensive structures in order to take out your base. Generally, it is best to ask for Archers to keep in your Town Hall for defensive purposes.

This works very well because Archers will often shoot at melee units from behind your walls, allowing them to shoot down Giants and Barbarians without taking damage very high level players may choose different units, such as Dragons or Golems, but this requires a clan where members will donate these troops.

You can set up your own troop, barracks, factories, and camp levels. You can also save your custom armies and load them up at any time. Unlike in the game you are not restricted to saving only three armies.

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this app is not a real tool and does not really generate any Gems, Gold,Elixir ,dark elixir,Cards or Chests.It is just a prank to have a good laugh Best layouts for all town hall levels th1, th2, th3, th4, th5, th6, th7, th8, th9, th10 and th11 generator unlimited gems

Note that this tip really only applies to players at Town Hall 7 or above. At earlier Town Hall levels, you do not have enough buildings to actually prevent the enemy from luring out units in your Clan Castle. Town Hall 7 units can still be lured, but it is tougher

At Town Hall 8 and up the enemy will have to destroy some buildings or a decent number of units to force troops out of your Clan Castle.

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Unlimited Gem Generator For PC Download