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Test DPC is a sample device policy controller for use with Android for Work. It gives developers the ability to see how their app will behave in a managed context such as device owner or within a managed profile. Please note that this app is for development purposes only. It is NOT intended for production usages.

This app is designed for App developers to test their developed software before the initial launch. If you are a normal user then this app will not be of any use to you. It is is NOT intended for production usages and the app should never be used with real data.

Test DPC App for App Developers

This app gives developers the ability to see how their app will behave in a managed context in a managed profile. Users can set up a work profile, enable work apps, set applications restrictions, manage security policies, and much more. So in other words all these features will serve great purpose to a developer and in the testing of there new app.

This app allows app developers to monitor various behaviors of their developed apps in the managed context. The managed contexts includes the likes of

  • Device ownership
  • Managed profile

Some other management features that user can carry on with Test DPC are as follows.

  • Setting up a work profile
  • Enabling working apps
  • Setting restrictions for certain applications
  • Managing security policies

Test DPC also acts as an implantation ref4eence in relation to other DPCs. You can check out the source code for Test DPC at github.


  • After uninstalling the software, the Test DPC appears to remain within App manger which results in unnecessary battery drainage.

Test DPC For PC Download


  • The result is presented in readable form.
  • Easy operational.


  • Complicated setting is required.
  • Consuming great amount of RAM.
  • The processing takes long time.