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The description of Pivotal Living

Living healthy is not always easy. The Pivotal Living app helps you get the most out of exercise, nutrition and sleep habits, so you can achieve your fitness goals faster, and live happy and healthy . Use this app with the Pivotal Living Activity + Sleep Tracker($12) and the new Pivotal Living Smart Scale($40) to easily and accurately track daily activity, calorie burn, steps and distance, sleep quality, nutrition, weight and body fat, and more.


TRACK ACTIVITY 24/7. Pair the app with the Pivotal Living Band to track steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and activity time. The app syncs to the Band seamlessly and quickly via Bluetooth. See daily stats at a glance on the Band’s screen, or check out past data and activity graphs in the app. The app can also read health data from your mobile device’s activity tracking.

SLEEP BETTER. WAKE REFRESHED. Wear the Pivotal Living Band as you sleep and it will automatically track duration and quality of sleep. Use the silent, intelligent alarm to gently nudge you awake during lighter sleep periods. Sync the Band and app to see when you slept peacefully and when you tossed and turned.

HELP & REMINDERS WHEN YOU NEED IT. The app learns your lifestyle and sends you custom coaching notifications based on your age, gender, goals and activity. You can also set vibrating alerts to remind you to move if you’ve been sitting too long or grab that water bottle to stay hydrated.

CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS: Connect with friends, family and co-workers to create team competitions, or share your data and achievements with the people you care about.

GET TO YOUR GOALS FASTER. Whatever your fitness goal – lose weight, eat better, be more active, sleep better, or all of the above – Pivotal Living can help you get there faster. Learn more about the free app and all Pivotal Living products at www.pivotalliving.com.

Version 1.6
· Improved dashboard & app navigation
· Simpler syncing with Pivotal Living Band
· Meal logging and MyPlate nutrition management
· Integration with Pivotal Living Smart Scale
· Enhanced weight and body management page
· Bug fixes

NEW IN 1.6! LOG FOOD USING USDA MYPLATE: Easily log meals and see your progress toward a balanced daily diet as recommended by the USDA. Pivotal Living is the first fitness app to integrate the USDA & CNPP’s MyPlate visual guidelines for health eating.

NEW IN 1.6! WEIGH BETTER. WEIGH SMARTER. The app works with the new Pivotal Living Smart Scale to accurately measure 5 key body metrics – weight, body fat %, lean body mass, body mass index(BMI), and basal metabolic rate(BMR). Fancy numbers that add up to you managing your weight AND body in the smartest, healthiest way possible.

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