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> We are offering hundreds of books online read which can be download to read offline.
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********** Main Features **********

● You can download each novel in order to read offline without any Wifi/3G required. Or you can read online to received daily updated novels.

● Bookmark each novel to library.

● Select ANY GENRE you like: light novels, books with animation adaptations, stories with reborn heroes, magical realism, eastern fantasy, world of wuxia, horror stories, romantic love novels, fanfiction, sci-fi, books on video games, harem, adventure, xuanhuan, xianxia, martial arts and excellent original stories… Download the app to find more!

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● Enjoy legal translation copies of worldwide popular novels : “The King’s Avatar”, “Library of Heaven’s Path”, “Release That Witch”, “Hidden Marriage”, “Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son”, “Get a Free Husband”, “Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard”, “Have a Trial Marriage with Husband”

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