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The description of Vote 1 – Political Spectrum

Having trouble deciding which political party to vote for in upcoming elections? Confused by the left wing and right wing? Vote 1 – Political Spectrum can help you understand which political ideology your views fit and which party aligns with that. With a quiz to determine your position and details of 32 different philosophies from across the spectrum there’s sure to be one for you. 18 important politics ebooks are also included, covering everything from socialism to fascism. Don’t throw your election vote away, download Vote 1 today!

The Vote 1 political spectrum is not just progressive left wing and right wing, but builds on the work of the political compass to give a two-axis spectrum of political ideology from collectivist (eg communism) to individual and from liberal(eg social democracy) to authoritarian(eg fascism) positions. Similarly, it shows the difference between progressive liberalism and conservative philosophy is not primarily economics, but attitudes to civil liberty. It allows anarcho capitalist and libertarian philosophy to be properly placed as an extension of liberal politics, not of Donald Trump and Republican Party’s conservative philosophy. This spectrum also allows for the trains of radical progressive Marxist and communist thought which followed Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin(Luxemburg, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao) to be appropriately separated from liberal positions such as Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party. Similarly, it allows the true direction of national socialism to be identified as a radical reactionary extension of centrist populism to the left of fascist Mussolini, rather than just being radically conservative. The differences between the positions of the Democratic Party of Hillary Clinton, Republican Party of Donald Trump, Libertarian Party of Gary Johnson and Green Party of Jill Stein as well as others like the Constitution Party can be clearly displayed to assist your 2016 election vote for government, president, senate and congress.

But the best political compass in the world needs a great base of questions to determine your own ideology and political philosophy. 56 questions covering both economic and social issues such as civil liberty are included in Vote 1. These questions are phrased in simple language about general issues, so you don’t need to know Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party philosophy nor Donald Trump’s Republican Party ideology and politics in order to find out you should support nationalism, socialism, communism, conservatism, liberalism, anarchism or just fascism.

For each political ideology of the 32 included on the spectrum, the details are included for your education. Examples listed extend to the right wing Republican Party of Donald Trump for conservative nationalism and the Democratic Party of Hillary Clinton for progressive liberal thought as well as the Green Party of Jill Stein for social democracy.

For each of 23 major countries, their 6 main parties are included on the political spectrum to identify their politics, whether progressive left wing or right wing, civil liberty focused or reactionary authoritarian. So you can find out which is closest to your positions and vote at the ballot box accordingly. You can switch countries to see how their positions differ, from neoconservative and right wing libertarian thought in the US to communism, democratic socialism and social democracy in Spain or Brexit in the UK. Candidates for the 2016 election for government, president, senate and congress including Donald Trump of the Republican Party, Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party, Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party, Jill Stein of the Green Party and more are included.

18 important ebooks are included which lay the foundations of politics, from liberal Paine to conservative Burke, Adam Smith’s libertarian economics and leaders of socialism and communism like Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx. Bring a political revolution this 2016 election with ballot box democracy!

Vote 1 – Political Spectrum 1.43 Update

2017-04-27Tweaks and fiddles to ideological descriptions.
Replaced custom dialogs with Android standard dialogs to maintain a consistent visual style.

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