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Dead2Me Call Text Blocker For PC

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The description of Dead2Me Call & Text Blocker

Dead2Me is a super simple way to keep the people that you want out of your life off of your phone. Don’t want to be friends anymore? Bury them in your graveyard, no calls, no texts, no picture messages.

*****PLEASE NOTE******
Kit Kat is still not supported. I am working on it.

Many users are reporting failures in Answer and Hangup Mode with HTC Handsets. I am working to resolve these issues, however, for now, it is very likely that Dead2Me will not work in Answer and Hangup Mode (unless you have a wired headset plugged into your phone at all times – and who on Earth has that).

The No Answer mode will work fine, but will allow callers to leave voicemails. The Text message blocking will work fine as long as you are using the stock Android text messaging app.

Dead2Me has two modes for call blocking, no answer and answer and hang up.

To let a user know they have been buried go to Settings -> Send Messages to Contact When and select Both.

To send a bounce back message when a buried caller tries to contact you go to Settings -> Message Frequency and select Every time I Block a Communication.

To customize a bounce back message for an individual caller go to Settings -> Enable Custom Messaging.
Then bury a caller or contact, go to the Graveyard and click on that caller’s tombstone. Under the name and number you will see a box for a custom message for that caller.

*****PLEASE NOTE******
Many users are reporting failures in Answer and Hangup Mode with HTC Handsets. I am working to resolve these issues.

Many third party text apps like Handcent and GoSMS interfere with Dead2Me. Despite settings in the latest releases of these apps that are supposed to make behave as specified in the Android documentation, the do not. Many people using these apps have been able to use Dead2Me, many have not.

Any problems with dead2me? Ideas on how to make it better? Got a phone it won’t work on? Just let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Contact me:

Dead2Me Call & Text Blocker 2.1.1 Update

2015-07-18Fixed the bug with custom bury message. Now updating to a custom message will send that message upon blocking calls.

Fixed a bug where default values in settings were not getting set.

Dead2Me Call Text Blocker For PC